The ancient theater of Philippi

The ancient theater of Philippi is located in the ancient city. The ancient city is located in eastern Macedonia, specifically in the Peripheral Unit of Kavala, in the area formerly called Krinides.The Ancient Philippi Theater is 14.6 km (14 minutes by car) from the apartment.

The city of Philippi was founded in 360 BC as a colony of the Thasians and held a strategic position. In 356 BC Philip II captured the city, completed its fortification and renamed it Philip. The first phase of the ancient theater dates back to this era. The city developed into one of the most important in Macedonia.

The moment of flowering for Philippi took place in the 2nd c. A.D,. as evidenced by the splendid buildings that adorned the city, most importantly its renovated theater.

In the early Christian period the city became an important urban center with a Greek character.

Finally, in the 7th c. A.D. a strong earthquake combined with barbaric raids led to the shrinking of the city, whose life is transferred to the citadel area. After the Ottoman conquest the city is abandoned.

In 1957, the Philippi Theater staged the first performance of an ancient drama. It was the first time that the ancient theater came to life again after 24 centuries. The official opening of the Philippi – Thassos Festival took place in 1961, shortly after the revival of the theater.

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