Kavala … Be sure to visit its museums, as well as the ancient aqueduct.At the 50m bus stop (Bus num 9) the city center by car 2-3 minutes. The nearest beaches “Kalitika” (8 minutes) “Batis” (10 minutes) “old grotto” (13 minutes) “Iraklitsa (16 minutes) “Peramos” (19 minutes) “Ammolofoi” (24 minutes) “Ancient Theater of Philippi” with the museum next to the village “Krinides” 15 minutes a few kilometers further Lydia with the mud baths and the first baptistery from St. Paul in Europe. Finally, the beautiful island of Thassos with the fery boat from the port of Kavala in about an hour. Start your tour by st actionable old city, passing by numerous picturesque buildings (be sure to take several photos and send to us) and get to the lighthouse, where you can enjoy a unique panoramic view of the city. Continue with Seragian at Kavala Beach, drinking a coffee and looking at its picturesque harbor. lovelovetip: You can take the train from Eleftherias square, which passes through the narrow streets if you want to not get tired.
Continue with Seragian at Kavala Beach, drinking a coffee and looking at its picturesque harbor. A monument considered a trademark of the city is the Fortress of Kavala. The acropolis of the 65-meter-long castle is a Byzantine building whose construction dates back to 1425 AD. The area, despite the number of looting and bombings it has suffered over the years, keeps certain points in a very good condition. The place is considered to be one of the most photographed places in the city, as well as a source of inspiration for several artists. Several artistic events are hosted each year. Visiting the city, you are given the opportunity to admire interesting sights and Ottoman monuments such as Arap Mosque, a remarkable building with special grace and beauty and the home of Muhammad Ali, the creator of modern Egypt. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Kavala and fill it with information on the historical development of the city. Take a short 15 km to the west of the city and see the ruins that have been preserved from the ancient city of Philippi, where the Philippe Festival takes place every summer during the summer. Turning to the center, take a visit to the Kavala Tobacco Museum, which is unique in Greece and Europe.
Tobacco production has been an important factor in the economic development of the country. In the exhibits you will find objects and information from the production up to the sale of tobacco as well as its relationship with the man. Visit, dive and relax in any of the beautiful beaches you choose, as Kavala has a coastline stretching 80 km from the center of the city to its east and west. Are you looking for a beach with normal, fine or thick sand? Want a quiet beach to soak up the sun and relax with a crossword? Is there a beach with beach bar and abundant cocktail options to cool off and with taverns to pinch some varieties after the first dive? Just a beach with nice * cafes (* nice = comfortable chairs where you are almost lying down) to enjoy your coffee losing the sense of time? Kavala has them all! Beaches such as Keramoti, Kalamitsa, Perigiali, Rapsani and many others will satisfy your every taste. Finally, one of the most important things you should not miss is of course the local traditional food, based mainly on fish and seafood, which you can taste in a number of different and equally delicious variations. Lemonade codfish, roasted grilled mozzarella, thyme and shrimp wine will appeal to you. Try the local cheeses and sausages, while you will be forgotten by the quality of a local wine or a glass of the famous tsipouro of the area. Of course, there is also a wide variety of meat that you will definitely enjoy in some hidden tavern of a village (do not ask … it is meant to be accompanied by wine or tsipouro).
Finally, for the necessary pastry after the meal, you prefer traditional kourampiedes and sweets (which you will surely need to take for the return trip) and a very tasty bougatsa.


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